Posters and Flyers

Miscellaneous posters and promotional pieces for bands.

2014 poster for Chadbourne residency at Neptune's; single-color screenprint on orange paper.
2013 flyer for release of LeWeekend's "the magic y/ear," for which I designed the similarly-styled album art.
2013 web flyer.
2013 residency for Eugene Chadbourne; two-color screenprint on yellow paper.
2012 illustration for shirt and promotional download card.
2013 20x20 poster and artĀ for Pet-Tich-Eye compilation project.
2011, inspired by Sam Smith's redesign of the Hausu movie poster.
2013 web flyer.
2011 web flyer.
2011 (Americans in France, Heads on Sticks, Le Weekend web flier)
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