A Taxonomy of Interfaces

A taxonomy of interfaces enabling self-representation online.

A taxonomy of a genre of interfaces. That's a mouthful.
The genre: interfaces enabling self-representation online.
I classified each subject according to six terms by which I felt most of these interfaces expressed tendencies: curatorial, collaborative, connective, collateral, continuous, adaptive.
Each term corresponds to a principal behavior or pattern of usage characterizing either user experience or site design. The animated iconic representations of the particular sites are positioned according to their range of possibility of representation of the attribute, relative to their emphasis in the site's design and their centrality to median user experience. The behavior of the icons is representative of the user's experience, saying something about the frequency, intensity, and duration of one's encounter with each quality.
The taxonomy explored patterns of usage vis-a-vis Facebook, flickr, Friendster, Goodreads, LinkedIn, Match, and MySpace. It is represented as an animation and a static piece (below). 
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